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(songwriting, arrangement, production, vox, guitar, drums, percussion, rhodes, piano, bass)

Anything Can Be Left Behind (2023)

Heard From The Next Room (2022)

More Light!! (2021)

Brief Hold: Instrumentals Vol. 1 (2020)

M-F (2019)

Days Like Pearls (2019)

Make Believe It's Nothing (2017)


(compositions, guitar, arrangement, production)

Anemone Red (2018)

Tiny Houses (2018)


(drums, drum programming, vibraphone, synths, organ, piano, production, arrangement, guitar compositions) 

Love the Stranger (2022)

Dreamin' (2019)

Shock Out Of Season (2017)

F/V Hope (2017)

You're Going To Have To Trust Me (2015)

Dan Wriggins 

(drums, Hammond M3 organ, piano, production, arrangement)

Mr. Chill (2021)

Wendy Eisenberg

(drums + percussion, co-production)

Bent Ring (2021)

Strawberry Runners

(production, multi-instrumentalist)

Strawberry Runners (2023)

Lindsay Reamer

(drums + percussion)

Touch Tank (2022)

Frank Meadows

(drums + percussion)

Dead Weight (2022)

Joan Kelsey

(drums + percussion)

Standing Out in the Grass (2022)

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