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2024-04-12 Hour Ease the Work (compositions, bandleader, guitar)

2023-11-03 Ava Mirzadegan Dark Dark Blue (engineer)

2023-08-25 Strawberry Runners Strawberry Runners (producer, multi-instrumentalist)

2023-05-05 MCO Anything Can Be Left Behind (songs, bandleader, guitar, voice)

2022-11-18 MCO Heard From The Next Room (piano)

2022-11-11 Joan Kelsey Standing Out in the Grass (drums + percussion)

2022-07-29 Friendship Love the Stranger (producer, drums, piano, organ, guitar compositions)

2022-07-01 Frank Meadows Dead Weight (drums + percussion)

2022-05-17 Lindsay Reamer Touch Tank (drums + percussion)

2021-11-05 Wendy Eisenberg Bent Ring (co-producer, drums + percussion)

2021-06-25 MCO More Light!! (songs, bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, voice)

2021-03-12 Dan Wriggins Mr. Chill (producer, drums, Hammond M3 organ, piano)

2020-12-04 MCO Brief Hold: Instrumentals Vol. 1 (compositions, instruments)

2019-11-08 Friendship Dreamin' (producer, drums, drum programming)

2019-06-07 MCO M-F (songs, bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, voice)

2019-06-07 MCO Days Like Pearls (songs, bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, voice)

2018-11-02 Hour Anemone Red (compositions, bandleader, guitar)

2018-02-15 Hour Tiny Houses (compositions, bandleader, guitar)

2017-11-03 Friendship Shock Out Of Season (producer, drums, drum programming)

2017-06-24 MCO Make Believe It's Nothing (songs, multi-instrumentalist, voice)

2017-05-27 Friendship F/V Hope (producer, drums, vibraphone)

2015-10-17 Friendship You're Going To Have To Trust Me (producer, drums + percussion)

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