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2024-02-17 MCO w/ Jacob Augustine, Joan Kelsey in Philadelphia, PA @ Upstairs at Abysinnia

2024-02-24 Hour w/ Joe Pera in Brooklyn, NY @ Murmrr Theatre (tix)

2024-03-06 Hour w/ Alvin Row, Lucite Spine in Pittsburgh, PA @ Skyzone 2

2024-03-07 Hour w/ Woodrow Vine in Cleveland, OH @ Shepard Records

2024-03-08 Hour w/ Field Sleeper, Zac Little in Columbus, OH @ The Rambling House (tix)

2024-03-09 Hour w/ Shermvn, Openly Weep in Cincinnati, OH @ DSGN CLLCTV

2024-03-10 Hour w/ Sally Anne Morgan, Heather Summers in Louisville, KY @ B-Side

2024-03-11 Hour w/ 18andCounting, Nadir Smith in St. Louis, MO @ William A. Kerr Foundation

2024-03-12 Hour w/ The Moody Pinks, Tri-County Liquidators in Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin

2024-03-13 Hour in Fayetteville, AR @ Likewise Community (rsvp)

2024-03-15 Hour in Austin, TX @ Dear Life Records SXSW Showcase

2024-03-16 Hour in Austin, TX @ Biscuit Press

2024-03-17 Hour in Dripping Springs, TX @ Chill Phases

2024-03-19 Hour w/ Lou Turner, Michael Hix in Nashville, TN @ Random Sample

2024-03-20 Hour w/ Deep Watauga in Boone, NC @ Lily's Snack Bar

2024-03-21 Hour w/ Mourning Dove in Greenville, SC @ Cabin Floor Records

2024-03-22 Hour w/ Alli Blois in Durham, NC @ Perfect Lovers

2024-03-23 Hour w/ Susan Alcorn, Heather Stebbins in Washington, DC @ Rhizome (tix)


2024-01-27 2nd Grade w/ Log Flume, The Blackburns, Ketchup in Philadelphia, PA @ The Grape Room

2023-12-02 Hour w/ Nina Ryser, Pizza and Cookies in Philadelphia, PA @ Little Red Library

2023-10-30 2nd Grade w/ Dusk, Paper Bee, Menu in Philadelphia, PA @ Khyber Pass

2023-10-21 2nd Grade w/ The Beths in Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw

2023-09-24 2nd Grade w/ Patter, Goshupon in Philadelphia, PA @ Creep Records

2023-09-13 2nd Grade w/ Jopy, Self Torque in Brighton, UK @ The Hope and the Ruin

2023-09-12 2nd Grade w/ Lande Hekt, Toodles in Bristol, UK @ The Louisiana 

2023-09-11 2nd Grade w/ Tulpa in Leeds, UK @ Hyde Park Book Club

2023-09-08 2nd Grade w/ Garden Centre in Manchester, UK @ Basement, YES

2023-09-07 2nd Grade w/ Young Knives in Oxford, UK @ The Jericho

2023-09-06 2nd Grade w/ Garden Centre in London, UK @ The Lexington

2023-09-02 Friendship in Manchester, UK @ Manchester Psych Fest

2023-09-01 Friendship in Dorset, UK @ End of the Road Festival

2023-08-30 Friendship w/ Langkamer in Ipswich, UK @ The Smokehouse

2023-08-29 Friendship  w/ Langkamer in London, UK @ Servant Jazz Quarters

2023-08-28 Friendship  w/ Langkamer, Dimes, The Anyways in Birmingham, UK @ Centrala Space

2023-08-27 Friendship w/ Langkamer in Glasgow, UK @ The Hug and Pint

2023-08-23 2nd Grade w/ Model Citizen, Knee Jerk Reaction in Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's 

2023-08-06 Hour w/ tilt, Adeline Hotel in Queens, New York @ Sundown

2023-08-05 Hour w/ h. pruz, Sammy Weissberg & Friends in Queens, New York @ Sundown

2023-08-04 Hour w/ Bad History Month, Wendy Eisenberg & Ryan Sawyer Duo in Queens, New York @ Sundown

2023-07-19 MCO (trio) w/ Fust, Euphoria Again in Philadelphia, PA @ Philamoca

2023-07-02 MCO (solo) w/ Ther, Ava Mirzadegan, Thank You Thank You in Philadelphia, PA @ Little Red Library

2023-06-17 Friendship w/ Strand of Oaks in King of Prussia, PA @ Music Under The Stars

2023-05-05 MCO (solo) w/ Windier, Greg Jamie, Thank You Thank You in Portland, ME @ Simi's Yard

2023-04-29 MCO (solo) w/ Night Moth, Noah Britton, Ribbon in Boston, MA @ A Bar Called Heaven

2023-04-28 MCO (solo) w/ Shannen Moser, Carmen Perry in Philadelphia, PA @ Abyssinia Upstairs

2023-04-27 MCO (solo) w/ Annie Hart, Holland Patent Public Library in Queens, New York @ Sundown

2023-04-26 MCO (solo) w/ Babehoven, Strawberry Runners in Catskill, New York @ Avalon

2023-03-31 MCO (solo) w/ Footings in Belfast, ME @ Sophia

2023-02-18 Houw/ Tremolo Fields, Juniper Ginger in Portland, ME @ The Apohadion Theater

2023-02-04 Friendship w/ The Hold Steady in Philadelphia, PA @ Brooklyn Bowl

2023-02-03 Friendship w/ The Hold Steady in Washington, DC @ Black Cat

2023-02-02 Friendship w/ The Hold Steady in Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar

2022-12-15 Friendship w/ Lambchop in Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live

2022-11-13 MJ Lenderman w/ Plains in Boston, MA @ Royale

2022-11-11 Hour (duo) w/ Tenci, The Most Beautiful Moth in America in Cambridge, MA @ The Lilypad

2022-10-29 Tomberlin w/ Tegan and Sara in New York, NY @ Pier 17

2022-10-28 Tomberlin w/ Tegan and Sara in Boston, MA @ Royale

2022-10-26 Tomberlin w/ Tegan and Sara in Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer

2022-10-01 Houw/ Caroline in Portland, ME @ SPACE Gallery

2022-09-16 Strawberry Runners w/ Quivers, Yours Are The Only Ears in Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie 

2022-09-15 Strawberry Runners w/ Quivers, Yours Are The Only Ears in Brooklyn, NY @ The Broadway

2022-09-10 Friendship in Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Music Festival (King's)

2022-09-08 Friendship in Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Music Festival (Main Stage)

2022-09-06 Friendship w/ MJ Lenderman, Little Gold in Athens, GA @ Flicker Theater

2022-09-05 Friendship w/ MJ Lenderman in Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light

2022-09-03 Friendship w/ MJ Lenderman in Asheville, NC @ Static Age

2022-09-02 Friendship w/ MJ Lenderman in Asheville, NC @ Static Age

2022-08-18 Hour w/ Ylayali, Windier in Portland, ME @ Portland House of Music 

2022-08-14 Friendship w/ Tenci in Chicago, IL @ The Hideout

2022-08-13 Friendship w/ Tenci, Idle Ray in Ferndale, MI @ Otus Supply

2022-08-12 Friendship w/ Tenci in Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe

2022-08-11 Friendship w/ Tenci, Little Kid in Toronto, ON @ The Drake Underground

2022-08-10 Friendship w/ Tenci, Eliza Niemi in Montreal, QC @ Casa Del Popolo

2022-08-09 Friendship w/ Tenci, Puppy Problems in Boston, MA @ The Rockwell

2022-08-07 Friendship w/ Tenci, Matt Bachmann in Ridgewood, NY @ TV Eye

2022-08-06 Friendship w/ Tenci in Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's

2022-08-05 Friendship w/ Tenci in Washington, DC @ Songbyrd

2022-08-04 Friendship w/ Tenci, Fust in Durham, NC @ The Pinhook

2022-08-03 Friendship w/ Tenci in Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theater

2022-08-02 Friendship w/ Tenci, Styrofoam Winos in Nashville, TN @ DRKMTTR 

2022-07-15 MCO (band) w/ Theodoore, 500 Things to Color and Make in Providence, RI @ Lost Bag

2022-07-14 MCO (band) w/ Nat Baldwin, Aisha Burns in Greenfield, MA @ 10 Forward

2022-07-13 MCO (band) w/ Onlyness, Armbruster in Catskill, NY @ Avalon

2022-07-12 MCO (band) w/ Paper Castles, Vega in Burlington, VT @ Junktiques

2022-07-11 MCO (band) in Littleton, NH @ The Loading Dock

2022-07-09 MCO (band) w/ Florry, Ylayali, Lindsay Reamer in Philadelphia, PA @ Common Beat Records

2022-07-08 MCO (band) w/ Wendy Eisenberg, Frank Meadows in Ridgewood, NY @ Windjammer

2022-07-07 MCO (band) w/ Puppy Problems, Jesus the Dinosaur in Boston, MA @ A Bar Called Heaven

2022-07-06 MCO (band) w/ Clay Camero, Elisabeth Fuchsia, Matt LaJoie in Portland, ME @ Apohadion Theater

2022-07-05 MCO (band) w/ The Maine Squeeze Accordion Ensemble, Noah Granier-Farwell in Peaks Island ME

2022-05-25 MCO (duo) w/ Hannah Frances, Lisa/Liza in Portland, ME @ Apohadion Theater

2022-05-20 Friendship in Keene, NH @ Thing in the Spring

2022-05-10 MCO (solo piano) w/ Post Moves, Rev Web in Portland, ME @ Apohadion Theater

2022-04-28 Friendship w/ Indigo De Souza, Horse Jumper of Love in Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

2022-04-28 Friendship w/ Indigo De Souza, Horse Jumper of Love

2022-04-27 Friendship w/ Horse Jumper of Love in Portsmouth, NH @ The Press Room

2022-04-26 Friendship w/ Kafari, Dead Gowns in Portland, ME @ Apohadion Theater

2022-04-25 Friendship w/ Indigo De Souza, Horse Jumper of Love in Boston, MA @ Royale

2022-04-24 Friendship w/ Indigo De Souza, Horse Jumper of Love in Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

2022-04-21 Friendship w/ Indigo De Souza, Horse Jumper of Love in Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

2022-04-20 Friendship w/ Indigo De Souza, Horse Jumper of Love in Washington, DC @ Black Cat

2022-03-12 Hour w/ Bellows, Felt Star in Portland, ME @ Apohadion Theater

2022-03-06 Wendy Eisenberg w/ Babehoven, Mirah in Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's Alright

2021-12-05 Wendy Eisenberg w/ Babehoven, Mirah in Brooklyn, NY @ The Owl

2021-11-07 Wendy Eisenberg w/ Eli Winter, Isa Burke in Portland, ME @ The Apohadion Theater

2021-11-06 Wendy Eisenberg in Littleton, NH @ The Loading Dock

2021-11-05 Wendy Eisenberg w/ Youbet, Carmen Q. Rothwell in Brooklyn, NY @ Purgatory

2021-08-13 Friendship w/ Karl Blau, Peaer (solo) in Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool

2021-08-12 Friendship w/ Karl Blau, Florry, Garrett Devoe @ Philamoca

2021-05-14 MCO (band) w/ Florry in Philadelphia, PA @ Haus of Yarga

2020-03-12 Friendship w/ Amanda Glasser in Baltimore, MD @ Baby's on Fire

2020-02-24 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun, Van Band, Tadzio in Philadelphia, PA @ First UU Side Chapel

2020-02-23 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun in Richmond, VA @ The Anderson

2020-02-22 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun, Annie Hart, Moon Racer in Raleigh, NC @ Ash House

2020-02-21 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun in Greenville, SC @ Cabin Floor Records

2020-02-20 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun, Shane Parish, Wes Tirey in Asheville, NC @ Static Age

2020-02-19 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun, Sinai Vessel, Sammy David in Chatanooga, TN @ The Spot

2020-02-18 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun, Fritz Pape in Cincinatti, OH @ Northside Tavern

2020-02-17 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun, Swampwalk in Pittsburgh, PA @ 1Perfectunion

2020-02-16 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun, Jordan Perry in Charlottesville, VA @ The Bridge

2020-02-15 MCO (solo) w/ Jason Calhoun, Amanda Glasser @ Rhizome

2020-01-18 Friendship w/ Strange Ranger in Washington, DC @ Songbyrd Vinyl Cafe

2020-01-17 Friendship w/ Strange Ranger in Philadelphia, PA @ The Meadow

2020-01-16 Friendship w/ Strange Ranger, Water from Your Eyes in New York City, NY @ Alphaville

2020-01-15 Friendship w/ Strange Ranger in Boston, MA @ O'Briens

2019-12-15 Friendship w/ Tenci, Ruth Garbus in Indianpolis, IN @ Middle Space Gallery

2019-12-14 Friendship w/ Tenci, Ruth Garbus in Chicago, IL @ The Hideout

2019-12-07 Hour w/ Sam Amidon in Philadelphia, PA @ Boot and Saddle

2019-11-09 Friendship w/ Shannen Moser, Peaer in Brooklyn, NY @ Trans Pecos

2019-11-17 Friendship w/ Blood Warrior in Portland, ME @ The Apohadion Theater

2019-11-16 Friendship in Montreal, QC @ The Bog

2019-11-15 Friendship in Burlington, VT @ Speaking Volumes

2019-11-14 Friendship w/ Wendy Eisenberg in Boston, MA @ Cafe 939

2019-11-10 Friendship w/ Shannen Moser, 22 Deg. Halo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ Johnny Brenda's

2019-11-09 Friendship w/ Shannen Moser, Peaer in Brooklyn, NY @ Trans Pecos

2019-07-22 Friendship w/ Lina Tullgren, Horn Horse in Kingston, NY@ Tubby's

2019-07-21 Friendship w/ Lina Tullgren, Blue Ranger in Troy, NY @ SMCO

2019-07-20 Friendship w/ Lina Tullgren, Kinloch Nelson in Rochester, NY @ Small World Books

2019-07-19 Friendship w/ Lina Tullgren in Ithaca, NY @ Sacred Root

2019-07-18 Friendship w/ Lina Tullgren, Youbet in Brooklyn, NY @ Arbor Day

2019-07-17 Friendship w/ Lina Tullgren, Matt Bachmann in Philadelphia, PA @ Truck

2019-07-14 Hour w/ Loren Connors, Nevada Greene in Brooklyn, NY @ Trans Pecos

2019-07-02 Hour w/ Advance Base, Spring Onion in Philadelphia, PA @ Philamoca

2019-06-22 Friendship w/ Foglake in Detroit, MI @ Ghost Light

2019-06-21 Friendship w/ Foglake in Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen

2019-06-20 Friendship w/ Foglake in Madison, WI @ UW-Madison

2019-06-19 Friendship w/ Foglake in Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club

2019-06-18 Friendship w/ Foglake in Minneapolis, MN @ Lee's Liquor Lounge

2019-06-09 Friendship w/ Erika Nininger, Ana Woulfe, Michael Boris in Philadelphia, PA @ Secret World

2019-05-05 Friendship & Hour w/ Kath Bloom in Winooski, VT @ Waking Windows

2019-05-04 Friendship & Hour w/ Kath Bloom in Portland, ME @ The Apohadion Theater

2019-05-03 Friendship & Hour w/ Kath Bloom in Yarmouth, ME @ First UU Church

2019-03-31 Hour w/ Jo Shornikow, Bad Heaven Ltd. in Philadelphia, PA @ Truck

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